Across the country, virtual schools are blending online and hands-on learning to create exciting opportunities for students to master new subjects such as outdoor education. Fresh Air Educators® is proud to be a part of the virtual school movement.

Today Fresh Air Educators® is developing innovative blended outdoor education courses that earn students high school credits and outdoor safety certifications. It's a revolutionary approach that is turning a whole new generation of students onto outdoor activities like boating and hunting.

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Approved Online Safety Courses

that earn students credits & state safety certifications

full of engaging media-rich content

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Case Study: The Florida Virtual School Outdoor Education Course

In 2013, The Florida Virtual School approached Fresh Air Educators® about integrating our leading online safety certification courses into their virtual Outdoor Education Course.

Right away we saw what an incredible opportunity this was to reach young people who might not otherwise get a chance to take an outdoor education course. And we were determined to make it happen.

Working closely with the Florida Virtual School we integrated our® and content and examination processes across the FLVS learning platform, while also incorporating hands-on teacher-led exercises into our previously standalone online courses. The result is a seamless experience for the student—including delivery of the student's state approved boater and hunter education certification when the course is complete.

It's the kind of teamwork that Fresh Air loves to be a part of. And it's the kind of result—a new generation of youth learning about safe boating and hunting—that makes us proud.

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