Fresh Air Educators is revolutionizing the field of outdoor safety education.

Our mission is to use the power of online education to help people around the world get on the water, in the field and on the trail faster, easier and safer than ever before.

So far, our interactive online courses have helped more than 2 million people get the safety training they need to go boating, hunting, snowmobiling or ATV'ing. And we're just getting started.

Why Fresh Air Educators?

Over 95% of our students pass their course on their first try.

We make learning fun.

When you take one of our courses, you're choosing an interactive way to learn with animations, illustrations, videos and awesome exercises (ever found a shooting range in a textbook? Didn't think so!).

Every page is narrated by a friendly voice who wants you to succeed and our amazing team is always standing by to help.

97% of students would recommend our courses to their friends.

Who is Fresh Air Educators

Fresh Air Educators is a team of fun, friendly people who love the great outdoors and helping people enjoy it safely.

Our company was started in 1999 by Larry and Brent McNamee, a Canadian father and son duo with a passion for fishing and hunting, and a vision for making boating safety education more accessible by taking it online.

Today our team includes more than 40 course development and support professionals located across Canada and the United States.

  • Larry McNamee

    President and Co-founder

    Larry McNamee

    President and Co-founder

    Larry was an avid outdoorsmen, hunter, trapper, fisherman and boater long before establishing a 30-year strategic management career in the public and private sectors. With the co-founding of Fresh Air Educators in 1999, Larry brought together his passion for the outdoors with his leadership experience to drive outdoors safety education to new levels. As President, Larry is our number one outdoors safety advocate and company ambassador.

  • Brent McNamee

    Chief Executive Officer and

    Brent McNamee

    Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

    Brent is not only a keen and accomplished outdoorsman, he’s also a firearms safety, hunter safety, and boating safety instructor. Drawing on that experience, Brent saw the opportunity to make outdoors safety education more accessible through eLearning, and he co-founded Fresh Air Educators with his father. Today, Brent is responsible for overseeing all corporate operations, international business, legal, accounting, strategic planning and human resources.

  • Kerry Moher

    V.P. Business Development and Co-founder

    Kerry Moher

    V.P. Business Development and Co-founder

    A quintessential problem solver and people person, Kerry is constantly on the move helping agencies and partners identify new opportunities for online education to open the door to outdoors experience. Kerry has sat on NASBLA’s National Education Standards Panel and spoken at conferences around the world about the power of eLearning to improve boating safety education. He holds an MBA from the University of Georgia and is always the first one in the boat, whether it’s an evening trolling for walleye or a weekend trip of whitewater canoeing.

  • Mike Dean

    Product Manager,® Canada

    Mike Dean

    Product Manager,® Canada

    From bass boats to jet skis, wakeboards to stand up paddleboards, Mike Dean knows his way around watercraft. So much so, he’s often called on by the media to talk about boating safety during national awareness campaigns. A safe boating instructor and avid boater with over 25 years of experience, Mike came to® in 2007 to lead on-site boating safety certification testing. Today, as Product Manager for Canada, Mike works closely with our federal partner Transport Canada, while making sure that the 1.2 million visitors a year to have a winning experience. Most recently, Mike was nominated to the Board of Directors for the Canadian Safe Boating Council, promoting safe and responsible boating throughout Canada.

  • Greg Gulliver

    Product Manager,

    Greg Gulliver

    Product Manager,

    When you’re building hunter education courses for wildlife agencies across North America, it doesn’t hurt to have been out in the wild as much as Greg Gulliver. Whether it’s tracking moose in the Yukon, flushing turkeys in California, harvesting whitetail in Texas, or heading to South Africa for some really big game, Greg’s hunting experience is only exceeded by his expertise coordinating the development of our industry leading online hunting courses. Greg also has a Masters in International Relations from Bond University.

Meet the Fresh Air Educators team!

  • Matt Delisle

    Product Manager, &

    Matt Delisle

    Product Manager, &

    A former NCAA cross-country runner, Matt Delisle now spends his time running two of Fresh Air Educators’ fastest growing online courses: and Matt originally came to Fresh Air as a Customer Service Agent, where knowledge from 15 years as a die-hard angler and his never fail can-do attitude quickly made him a team leader. After growing the Customer Service team, Matt further honed his product knowledge on QA before taking up the reins as Product Manager, where he is steering ATV riders and snowmobilers to safer riding.

  • Miranda Lee

    Product Manager,
    Fresh Air Educators

    Miranda Lee

    Product Manager, Fresh Air Educators

    Miranda grew up in Northern Ontario, where fishing, hunting and long summers at the cottage are a way of life. Now add an Honours Psychology degree, a major dose of business savvy, years of project management expertise, and endless get up and go, and you have the Product Manager of Fresh Air Educators and our newest offering: customized Outdoor Education courses for virtual high schools. It’s a role that demands a huge breadth of skills, smarts and leadership – which makes Miranda a perfect fit for building this exciting new line of business.

  • Katerina Douskova

    Product Manager,® USA

  • Jason Behm

    Illustrator, Media Production Director

  • Lindsay White

    Lead Graphic Designer

  • Roxanne Deschênes

    Graphic Designer

  • Ashley Murray

    Graphic Designer

  • Andrew Johnson

    Graphic Designer

  • Monica Winter

    Jr. Illustrator/Designer

  • Jarek Dudzicki


  • Roger Helliwell


  • Julie Bruno

    Web Designer

  • Dominik Czartoryski

    Network & System Administrator

  • Kelly McClymont

    Financial Controller

  • Shawn Runions

    Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Agents

  • Ruqayyah B.
  • Alison D.
  • Marie-Ève D.
  • Ali E.
  • Breanna F.
  • Kayla J.
  • Megan K.
  • Emma L.
  • Kelly M.
  • Salim M.
  • Julia P.
  • Chanel R.
  • Christine R.
  • Cassandra S.
  • Parker V.

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